The Psalms

Psalm 142 Relief For Those In Prison.

David, in contemplation, once again cries out in prayer for help from the LORD (v.1 Cf. Ps. 141:1-2). He calls it a supplication and complaint (vv. 1-2). The title indicates a time when he was hiding in a cave (Cf. I Sam. 22:1, and titles to Pss. 32 and 57). He was taking refuge from persecutors who sought to lay traps for him (vv. 3-4 Cf. Ps. 141:9). It caused his spirit to be overwhelmed within him (Cf. Ps. 77:3). The “right hand” signifies strength and help, what one depends on for life and prosperity. There was no human help for David at this time. For this reason he cries out to the LORD. The LORD was his refuge, not just in the heavenly rest, but also his “portion in the land of the living.” (v. 5) Even for the mighty king David, there were times when his enemies were stronger than he (v. 6). A cave was a fitting place to give expression to the state of his spirit and soul. He was in a prison, but he prays for deliverance that he might praise the LORD in the company of the righteous (v. 7). David was confident because he knew the LORD deals bountifully with His people. His dealings with us are not miserly, rather He abounds toward us with bounty!

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