The Psalms

Psalm 140 A Prayer For Justice.

Most of us are not military commanders like David, nor will we face an actual military force. However, this psalm of David shows where wars begin, and what we all face. Evil and violent men speak evil and violent words. This is how wars start (vv. 1-3 Cf. Ps. 58:4; Rom. 3:13; Js. 3:8). Evil words are like poison that infects the whole body. With their words they scheme with others to set traps for the innocent (v. 4 Cf. Pss. 56:5-7; 71:4). It all stems from a sinful self-centred pride, a pride that has no place for God or the fear of the LORD (v. 5). Therefore David prays for judgment to come upon them (v. 6 Cf. Ps. 35:5-8; Jer. 18:22). He is confident, for the LORD has been his help in the past (v. 7). It is David’s prayer that the wicked would not be exalted in their pride (v. 8). He prays that they would suffer the very punishment which they had schemed to commit (vv. 9-10 Cf. Ps. 11:6). The issue was bigger than just David. He did not want the slanderers, those who rise in opposition to the LORD, to be exalted in the earth (v. 11). David knew that the LORD would continue to defend His covenant people, and that the righteous would give thanks in His presence (vv. 12-13 Cf. I Kgs. 8:44-45; Ps. 9:4).

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