The Psalms

Psalm 127 Labouring And Prospering With The LORD.

The covenant making and covenant keeping LORD is the one who will build His house. Without the direction and enabling of the LORD, all labour in building His house is in vain (v. 1a). Of course this also applies to building one’s personal home as well, but the main focus of these psalms was the ascent to Zion, Jerusalem, and the house or temple of the LORD. It is also not enough simply to build this house, it must also be guarded. Having begun by being planted (Ps. 126), and built by the LORD, He is the One who also guards it. Of course He uses builders to build and watchmen to guard, but they do so under His care and direction. To this end it is important that the watchmen stay awake, but if they do not rely on the LORD even this vigil is in vain (vv. 1b).

One’s daily labour, and losing sleep over it, is also in vain if one fails to trust in the LORD’s provision. He intends to provide His beloved with sleep (v. 2). Labouring to the sacrifice of much needed rest is a failure to trust Him. The LORD always watches and never sleeps (Ps. 121:3-5). As noted, this building and watching also applies to one’s own home and family. Children are a heritage and reward to the labour of the covenant faithful (v. 3). Having covenant children is like having weapons in one’s defense (vv. 4-5). Having a quiver full of arrows that fly straight will bring happiness to their parents (Cf. Gen. 33:5; Dt. 7:13; 28:4; Josh. 24:3-4; Pss. 113:9; 128:2-3; Pr. 27:11). The promise of children was also a covenantal one (Cf. Gen. 12:1-3), as well as the promise to them (Cf. Acts 2:39).

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