Luke 6:17-19 The Power Of Jesus.

There is always this connection between Jesus meeting with His disciples and then going out to minister to the multitudes. The disciples, and especially the twelve, always held a special place, and they participated with Him in that work. People came from all over to be healed of their various diseases (v. 17), “as well as those who were tormented with unclean spirits. And they were healed.” (v. 18) Jesus reigns victorious over both the physical and the spiritual worlds, to which the scriptures bear witness (Cf. Mt. 4:23-25; Mk. 3:7-12). The testimony is clear, this power came from Jesus (v. 19 Cf. Mt. 9:21; 14:36; Mk. 3:10; 5:27-30; Lk. 8:44-47).

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