The Psalms

Psalm 119:169-176 Tau: A Prayer For Understanding.

The psalmist continues to cry out for understanding according to the word (v. 169 Cf. v. 27). It is the word of the LORD which promises to us deliverance (v. 170). Praise comes when one is taught His statutes (v. 171 Cf. v. 7). The psalmist speaks the word, because all the LORD’s “commandments are righteousness.” (v. 172 Cf. v. 144) Only those who are thus taught the word by the LORD, are able to speak it. The psalmist believed, rightly so, that the LORD would help those who keep His precepts and ask for His help (v. 173). Salvation is from the LORD, and it is what the psalmist longed for (v. 174 Cf. vv. 16, 24, 166). When the LORD causes one’s soul to live, then one delights in the law and His judgments are our help (v. 175). The commandments of the LORD also help by seeking out the sheep which go astray (v. 176 Cf. Is. 53:6; Mt. 18:12-14; I Pet. 2:25). For the saints, the law is our guide. For those who are lost, it drives one back to Christ.

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