The Psalms

Psalm 119:161-168 Shin: A Great Treasure.

Since the fall there has always been those who abuse their positions of power, rather than the rule of law. In contrast to those who are in awe of such power, the psalmist stands in awe of the word of the LORD (v. 161). Indeed, he rejoiced at His word, “as one who finds great treasure.” (v. 162) In the world one will find lying continually, but the law of the LORD is right and true (Cf. vv. 142-144), therefore the psalmist hated lying and loved the law (vv. 163). One cannot love the law of the LORD and not hate lying. There is no neutrality of opinion here-it is either one or the other, and it is a matter of life and death. Seven is a number symbolic of completeness, and so the psalmist says that he praises the LORD for His righteous judgments seven times a day (v. 164 Cf. v. 160).

There is also peace for those who love His law (v. 165). Remembering and keeping the law is the way of the wise, the way of peace (Pr. 3:1-2). The doers of the law work righteousness, and the fruit thereof is peace, “quietness and assurance forever.” (Is. 32:17) This is the result of salvation and not its cause. The psalmist hoped in the LORD’s salvation (Cf. Gen. 49:18), therefore he was a doer of His commandments (v. 166). Because of His salvation, the saints keep His testimonies, and “love them exceedingly.” (v. 167) The psalmist also kept His precepts because he knew, from the word, that the LORD is omniscient. All our ways are before Him. Nothing and no one is hidden from Him (Cf. Job 24:23). “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He ponders all his paths.” (Pr. 5:21)

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