The Psalms

Psalm 119:153-160 Resh: True Revival.

The law-word of the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD can be trusted. Deliverance, redemption, and revival are promised to His people, those who do not forget His law (vv. 153-154). The psalmist gives us a picture of an innocent man standing in the dock of a courtroom, pleading for the rule of the law of a righteous judge. However, he also looks for salvation, which he knows can only come from the LORD, based on His “tender mercies” (vv. 155-156), and His lovingkindness (v. 159). There is no mercy with the wicked. The wicked are treacherous, persecuting the innocent. These are the psalmists enemies, because they do not keep the law of the LORD (vv. 157-158). The psalmist again affirms the infallibility of the entirety of God’s word, that it is truth, and that it will endure forever (Cf. vv. 151-152).

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