The Psalms

Psalm 119:137-144 Tsadde: Righteous And True.

The LORD’s judgments are reflective of His character-righteous (v. 137). Theology and ethics are inseparable. Like the LORD Himself, His testimonies “are righteous and very faithful.” (v. 138 Cf. 19:7-9) Zeal therefore consumed the psalmist, because his enemies had forgotten the word (v. 139). Zeal for the word will divide people. As the LORD is pure, so is His word (v. 140 Cf. 12:6). It is precisely because of the ethical character of the word that some hate it and others love it. It doesn’t matter if one is great or small in the eyes of others (v. 141). What ultimately matters is one’s attitude to the word. The LORD’s righteousness is everlasting, and His “law is truth.” (v. 142 Cf. 19:9; Jn. 17:17) What is true is also what is right, and His testimonies are also everlasting (v. 144). For this reason the psalmist prays that the LORD would give him understanding, that he may live, even in the midst of anguish and trouble (v. 143).

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