The Psalms

Psalm 119:129-136 Pe: His Testimonies Are Wonderful.

The psalmist keeps the testimonies of the LORD, not just because He is LORD, or as he just noted, because the LORD acts upon them (vv. 126-127), but because they are “wonderful” (v. 129). He then proceeds to show how full of wonder the LORD’s testimonies are. First of all, the word of the LORD gives light. “It gives understanding to the simple.” (v. 130b) In His light we see light, and His light is truth (Cf. Pss. 36:9; 43:3). Secondly, the word gives life. The psalmist longed for the LORD’s commands like any creature would for necessary water (v. 131 Cf. Pss. 36:9a; 42:1). Thirdly, through the word we learn that the LORD is merciful, “toward those who love Your name.” (v. 132). He visits His people with salvation (Cf. Ps. 106:4). Fourthly, The word directs one’s steps so that iniquity will not have dominion (v. 133).

The psalmist acknowledged His need of the LORD’s help if he the word were to be his guide (v. 133a). When people say they want to know the LORD’s will or His guidance, they need look no further than the revealed word. The real need is for the LORD’s help to be taught the word and to follow it. The psalmist also reflects again on the LORD’s commitment to redeeming His people from our enemies that we may keep His precepts (v. 134). He looks upon His people with favour by teaching us His statutes (v. 135). To be taught His statutes is not burdensome, rather it is a sign of His favour, for they are wonderful. For this reason the psalmist weeps, because men do not keep His law (v. 136). There is added weeping, when this rebellion comes from those who claim to want to know His will for their lives.

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