The Psalms

Psalm 119:113-120 Samek: Our Hiding Place.

Being divided in heart or mind is very self-destructive. The double-minded are not faithful companions either. Hate and love are strong contrasting positions here (v. 113). However, the LORD is a help and shield to those who hope in His word (v. 114). The psalmist prays for the LORD to uphold him in this hope, that he would not be ashamed, but would live (v. 116 Cf. Ps. 25:2). When the LORD holds us up then we are able to observe His statutes (v. 117). Sometimes we need a place to hide, a shield from the double-minded, which the word can provide. Life is about departing from evildoers and turning to the LORD’s commandments (v. 115 Cf. Ps. 6:8). The LORD hates and rejects those who reject His statutes, “for their deceit is falsehood.” (v. 118b Cf. Ps. 5:5; Mt. 7:23).

The LORD will put away the wicked like dross removed from the smelting process. For the righteous this is another reason for loving His testimonies-the LORD will repay the wicked for their wickedness, but the word guides and therefore protects the saints who love it (v. 119). It was also a painful testimony concerning the old testament visible church, which had become a degenerate city (Is. 1:22-23, 25 Cf. Ezek. 22:17-22). “Take away the dross from silver, and it will go to the silversmith for jewelry. Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness.” (Pr. 25:4-5) The LORD would promise a purging, restoration, redemption, and ultimately a new house (Is. 2). The psalmists therefore had good cause to fear (v. 120).

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