The Psalms

Psalm 119:73-80 Yod: Mercy And Life.

Human beings have been made and fashioned to understand the Creator’s commands, but even more so those who belong to the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD (vv. 73-75). Those who have learned the commandments of the LORD are welcomed by all who fear the LORD. One can hope in the word, because the LORD will always keep it. According to the LORD’s mercy, the law is also a word of comfort for all who call themselves His servants, and it is their life and delight (vv. 76-77, 79). The proud depend on lies, and falsely accuse the righteous who meditate on the LORD’s precepts (v. 78). Only as His statutes go to a person’s core, the heart, will one be blameless and unashamed (v. 80). When they go to the core then there is integrity between what one really believes and what one does, and what one speaks.

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