The Psalms

Psalm 119:57-64 Heth: The LORD Is Our Portion.

Is the LORD our portion? The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks what is our chief end. The only answer is to glorify and enjoy Him forever. Anything less falls short. However, we only know this because the LORD, out of mercy, has given us His word. When we know His mercy then His word is taken to heart (vv. 57-58). From His word we are able to examine our own ways, and turn in the way of His testimonies (v. 59). When the LORD is merciful we are able to make haste and without delay, keep His commandments (v. 60). Even when the wicked would seek to entrap us, we will not forget His law (v. 61). Even at midnight we will rise to give thanks for His righteous judgments (v. 62). Those who also walk in this way we make our companions (v. 63). To those who know His mercy, all the earth is full of it, and therefore we seek to be taught His statutes, for they concern everything in all the earth (v. 63). There is no time, circumstance, or place on earth where His word is not all we need.

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