The Psalms

Psalm 119:41-48 Waw: True Liberty.

True salvation is only according to the word, and it is founded on mercy (v. 41). Those who trust in the word of the LORD always have an answer (v. 42). We believe the word and therefore we speak (v. 43). It is because of His mercies shown in our salvation, that we are able and willing to keep His law “forever and ever.” (v. 44) For those who do not know this salvation, the law is condemning and bondage, but for the redeemed it is a perfect law of liberty (v. 45 Cf. Pr. 4:12; Js. 1:25). Those who love the law of the LORD will speak it before kings and not be ashamed (v. 46). Delighting in, lifting up, and mediating on His commands is the life of the redeemed (vv. 47-48).

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