The Psalms

Psalm 119:17-24 Gimel: Counselors.

We need the LORD’s help if we are going to live and keep His word, but the attitude must be that of a servant (v. 17). We need the LORD to open our eyes if we are to see “wondrous things” from His law (v. 18). As a stranger in the earth we need His commandments (v. 19 Cf. Gen. 47:9). We are strangers in the land, not because it is the Devil’s or the world’s, but it is the LORD’s (Cf. Lev. 25:23). This is the life of faith (Cf. Heb. 11:13). His judgments are something the broken and longing soul needs (v. 20). The one thing barring one from the LORD’s grace and mercy is pride-thinking one does not need the LORD. Without His help one strays from His commandments and is cursed (v. 21). Keeping the LORD’s testimonies will bring on enemies with reproach and contempt, but the LORD is able to remove them and their evil (vv. 22-23a). When one meditates and stores up His word in the heart, His testimonies become our counselors (vv. 23b-24).


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