Romans 15:22-33 Gospel Fruit.

It was Paul’s desire to preach where the gospel had not been heard, which delayed his visit to the saints at Rome (vv. 19, 22-23 Cf. Acts 19:21). Therefore, he would fit in a visit on his way to Spain (v. 24), after he visited the saints at Jerusalem (v. 25), because the saints in Macedonia and Achaia had a gift for the saints there (v. 26). The Gentiles were happy that they could help, knowing how many spiritual benefits had accrued to them from their Jewish brethren (v. 27 Cf. 11:17; I Cor. 9:11). This was fruit bearing for the givers, something which Paul was eager to see among his spiritual children (v. 28 Cf. 1:13; I Cor. 16:1; Phil. 4:17). It was also Paul’s desire to impart to the saints in Rome “some spiritual gift,” so that they might be established in their mutual faith (1:11-12). This is “the fullness of the blessing of the gospel.” (v. 29)

For all these efforts Paul sought for prayer, through Christ, and “the love of the Spirit.” (v. 30) There would be those who did not believe who he would need deliverance from-the gospel and believers have their enemies in all ages (v. 31a Cf. II Tim. 3:11; 4:17). He also wanted his visit with the saints in Jerusalem to be a productive one (v. 31b). Paul wanted his visit with the saints in Rome to be filled with joy, and refreshing, for them both (v. 32; II Cor. 1:11; 16:18). Everything for Paul, including answers to prayer, had to be according to the will of God (Cf. 1:10; Acts 18:21). Paul wasn’t spoiling for a fight or looking to make enemies. He looked for blessing and peace (vv. 29, 33 Cf. I Cor. 14:33). “Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.” (v. 33 Cf. 16:20; II Cor. 13:11; Phil. 4:9; I Th. 5:23; II Th. 3:16)

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